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Server was opened on 1. June 2017!


Welcome to L2Strider, a low rate Lineage 2 server homepage


About Server
Chronicle Interlude
Platform Java
Rates 1x
Spoil rate 3x
Multibox online limit 2
offline shop limit 2

NO Herbs
Newbie buffers
Premium services

Monthly subscription (if 50+ players)
Until 31 Dec 2018 Free
From 1 Jan 2019 1€

Note: We’re not trying to make any profit from these payments; they are merely intended as a means to pay the server hosting fees, and will be adjusted accordingly (decreased) as the server population increases and hosting becomes more cost-efficient.

1) Today, registration is very easy: make a website account, make a game accounts, install the game and patch, play.
2) In future, registration will also require one more step called “whitelisting” to make life harder for cheaters.
3) Also, in the future, we will ask every player to get whitelisted. It is nothing difficult, but you will need to be ready to have a short chat with an ADMIN in either STEAM or FACEBOOK, and so you will need to have a STEAM account or a FACEBOOK account.