Server Rules

  1. This is honest Lineage 2 Gameserver
  2. No cheating, hacking, selling or buying in game things with real world money or activityes whitch are very similar to such actions.
  3. Honor and value other people who you spend time with in our server.
  4. No unlawful activityes allowed whitch are against European Union laws in any way.
  5. All players must work together to keep this server as cleanas possible from low moral people who tend to ruin good things whatever the motives might be.
  6. If You discover anyone acting against server  rules, then you must contact about it to server administrators, who will take further actions whitch seem to appropriate on current situation in their point of view(perhaps they have noticed something additional before/after other users notifications).

Gameplay RULES:

PK RULE (Killing ohter players )

If you “pk” (kill other player without him fighting back), you should be ready to justify having done so, in case administrators happen to ask for it. PK-ing for no reason at all is frowned upon.

Accepted reasons for killing other player:

  1. Revenge for something(or someone) what happened no longer than 48 hours ago. EXAMPLE: player with char “evilboy” kills for no obvious reason your char “friendlycrafter”, then in 48hours after that happening you are allowed to make revenge and perhaps do some extra(but reasonable) punishment for making sure he does not behave badly against you in future again.
  2. If two players want to claim one killing zone for themselves but can’t find a common ground with diplomacy, then it is very normal development if weapons resolve that disagreement. But losing side has right for Revenge after that.
  3. Every player who has karma is allowed to be “KOS” (killed on sight) without any additional reasons.
  4. Clan war
  5. If two players make agreement that they are enemies to each other, then they have right to “KOS“(kill on sight) each other without any additional reasons. Administrators plan to consider creating some form of “enemy list” in future. Remember, this agreement needs to be mutual.
  6. Players flagged purple are of course also allowed to be KOS. However you are encouraged not to do so if you have no reason to (perhaps just passing by and don’t even know the people).
  7. We encourage a common-sense approach to every situation and so there may be exceptions allowed to some of these rules.



  1. Administrators can and will apply different punishments/actions for different rule violations as they see fit.
  2. Punishments can be: Player forum account deleting, Accounts deleting, Ban for some gametime (one hour to one year), adding to “Most Wanted” list, kick from game, warning in announcement, warning in private chat, no actions (until current activity starts showing some pattern of illegal actions).
  3. Administrators can but do not have to  explain in details, why they applied some punishment.
  4. Administrators are not looking to punish anyone, and so no-one should feel like they might get banned for some small offenses. This will never happen. We encourage a principally safe and liberal gaming environment.

Reporting of rules violations:

  1. If possible then please describe: When, Where, Who, What. Try also add: How.


WHEN: “26.may.2017 at 13:15 GMT+3

WHERE: In Cruma Tower level 3

WHO: i was playing with my character “honestplayer” and saw player named “BADBOT” who did seem acting like a bot.

What:  I did try talk to him/her for 5 minutes, but got no reply at all, “BADBOT” just kept killing monsters nonstop.

How: I have no glue, how is that player committing described action.

I remember having seen that player before on similar circumstances, but not sure, where.”